Curtis T Cobb doesn't believe in God or the devil, or as he likes to say, "big G good or big E evil." Unfortunately for him and his friends, Evil believes in them. And it sees them.




Writer/Director...............JOHN C. GIBSON

Producers......................JOHN C. GIBSON

.......................CATHERINE A. BRICKNER


Beja Lux.............................SARA MICHAL

Curtis T Cobb.............TIMOTHY FOWLER

Dave Bailey................STEVEN BARRETT

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It’s a scorching summer on the Cobb farm outside of the small town of Tiffin, Ohio, when strange things begin to happen to Curtis T Cobb: his wallet and keys move when he's not watching, and something whispers “I see you,” in his ear as he sleeps. He suspects his girlfriend Beja Lux and his best friend Dave Bailey are the culprits, but the video cameras they set up for their website, King of Cobbville, soon reveal that something else is taunting Curtis. Soon it taunts them all. It is something Curtis doesn’t believe in, something he ridicules. It is Evil. Unfortunately for Curtis and his friends, It believes in them. And It sees them.


"I had been mulling a story involving these three memorable characters, and I gave them the same stock names I always use when plotting a story: Jake, Sam, and Sarah. They eventually evolved into Curtis, Dave, and Beja well into the process," says John C. Gibson, the writer and director of CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD.

In late 2009, I was online, don't remember the website, when I saw a link titled something like, 'Man Dressed As Turkey Attacked by Coyote in Parking Lot!' I had no choice but to click, and there I discovered the fascinating world of the Shaytards," says Gibson. "The Shaytards is a Youtube channel detailing the lives of a young family. When I saw the coyote attack video the family was Shaycarl, Mommytard, Sontard, Princesstard, Babytard, a black Great Dane named Malachi, and their extended families. Great family, great channel," says Gibson. "The family's grown since then and they are still a pleasure to watch. Definitely check them out."

Shortly after Gibson's Shaytards discovery, Paranormal Activity was released on DVD. "I was impressed with what Oren Peli had accomplished with Paranormal Activity," says Gibson, "all on a budget of $15,000, I believe. Many of these found footage movies seem to me to have unsympathetic characters, with a lot of dead space in between the major plot points, but Peli's was the opposite. Katie and Micah were eminently likable, and it was enjoyable watching their interplay as the terror unfolded."

"Remember, this was late 2009, and the economy was still in tatters from the meltdown in the fall of 2008," says Gibson, "and the situation was the same for the fictional characters, Curtis, Dave, and Beja living in my head. Like a lot of young Americans they were unemployed and unable to find work, so they decided to emulate the Shaytards and make their own. They started a Youtube channel and called their fictional world within a fictional world, 'The Kingdom of Cobbville.' Their plan was to make money from ads and selling merchandise, like T-shirts and hats. Of course, soon things started to go terribly wrong."

"It was the combination of these two shows, the Shaytards and Paranormal Activity, and the terrible economy, which laid the structural foundations of CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD," says Gibson, "the Shaytards, with the genuinely nice family who interact with their fans, speak directly into the camera and break the fourth wall. Paranormal Activity, a found footage movie that isn't just a series of terror plot points separated by vast plains of nothingness. And the economy and lack of employment, which led to the creation of Curtis, Dave, and Beja's Youtube channel, which naturally explains why there are multiple cameras present to record the sometimes funny and ultimately tragic events that follow. Now I just had to write the damned screenplay."



Dave Bailey is a young man who loves cats. Like Beja Lux, he was raised by his grandmother, though the circumstances are less than clear. He doesn’t like to talk about it. One day he’s skateboarding where he shouldn’t be and crashes into some beautifully landscaped shrubbery. After dusting himself off he hears, “get your idiot no good no how worthless ass off of my landscaping, before I beat the living dog shit out of you and what not.” He turns around quickly only to see a surly young man strutting around like a Bantam rooster. That’s how he meets Curtis T Cobb, and soon thereafter, Curtis’ beautiful girlfriend Beja Lux.


Curtis T Cobb is a landscaper, was a landscaper, at the college until they “implemented a random and wholly unjustified drug testing program,” that he would have definitely passed with one hundred percent dead on certainty, so he says. Since then he struggles to find work before deciding to make his own by creating the Kingdom of Cobbville with him as king, Beja Lux as queen, and Dave Bailey as manwench, all broadcast on the internet at, with income generated by merchandise sales. That’s his plan anyway. It's a great plan, just ask him.


Beja Lux is a beautiful young woman raised by her grandmother since her parents died in a horrible car accident when she was four years old. Beja considers her grandmother her “mom and her nana.” She dies shortly before Beja graduates from college. Besides Curtis T Cobb and Dave Bailey, the only other people in her life are her Uncle Larry, UL for short, and Aunt Kathy. UL was a priest and Aunt Kathy was a nun. They met, fell in love, left the church and were married. They are always there for Beja and will do anything for her, all the way to the end.



"Several things contributed to the look of CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD," says Gibson, "the first being the premise of the movie, that Curtis, Dave, and Beja were unemployed and would film their lives to post on Youtube. It couldn't look like it was made with a $5,000 prosumer camera, let alone a $50,000 professional kit. No, it had to be believable, had to be something light enough to carry and hold while speaking directly into it. For CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD, I used a third generation iPad, wanted to use it for the whole production, but the lenses I had didn't fit the iPad camera mount, so a Sony HDR-CX560 became my backup, and it's a nice little camera."

Gibson decided early in the plot development of CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD to have Beja survive to tell the story. "I am a fan of found footage movies," says Gibson, "but a limitation for many of these is that to be believable the editing needs to be limited, because the surviving footage is discovered after the events have transpired, and is subsequently released by some type of authority. It is not packaged as a film. We learn in the first minute of this movie that Beja edits the videos for their Youtube channel, and that she made CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD as a tribute to both of her lost friends. This allowed me to edit the movie without any limitations."

"Let's discuss the design of the production. I needed Curtis, Dave, and Beja living out in the country, because I wanted the feeling of isolation that wide expanses of farmland and distant woods can evoke when threatening situations occur. Although they are young, unemployed, and have very little money, the farm house they lived in had to have certain characteristics for the exterior scenes. It needed to be as isolated as the landscape, and it needed to immediately impress upon the viewer the sense that bad things could happen there," says Gibson.

"The old, white, farm house we found, with the black Mansard roof, was perfect. This style of house has become synonymous with horror films, most notably Psycho. Curtis explains in his first interview that his mom, before moving to Texas to live with his older brothers, had redecorated the interior of the house and, 'did a pretty damned good job of it, too.' With the modern upgrade inside the house, and Curtis' artwork, we had a very rich look for CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD's interior scenes."


"The sound had to match the premise, that Curtis, Dave, and Beja were shooting with fairly inexpensive equipment to make videos for Youtube. The sound benefitted greatly from Beja being the editor," says Gibson," like the look of the movie, I had no limitations. Beja is musical and has an eye for detail. We learn this when we hear her singing in the shower, and see her working on miniatures. She would use these skills when editing."



Sara Michal is an American actress and screen writer. A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sara attended The Ohio State University and received her Bachelors degree in English and Theater in 2009. In 2011, she received her Masters degree in Creative Writing from Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. Sara relocated to Los Angeles, CA in 2013 to further her acting career and has since signed to Wilson Talent & Associates and has starred in two features and a number of short films.

Sara Michal's IMDb link.


Timothy Fowler, during his childhood in California, appeared in several television and radio commercials. Later, on hiatus from acting, he studied at the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts, in Pittsburgh. Timothy currently resides in Findlay, Ohio, and for the last several years has been cooking and operating a catering business. He also DJ's on the radio and at events, and promotes concerts. The last time Timothy was on screen he was the featured Chef on a local television cooking show. CURTIS & DAVE ARE DEAD celebrates his return.


Steven Barrett is a working actor from Cleveland, Ohio. His experience includes several independent features and short films, and stunt work with Marvel Appearances. Recently, Steven began doing voiceovers, and in his rapidly diminishing spare time, he writes comics, plays ice hockey, and drums.


JOHN C. GIBSON (Director/Writer/Producer)

John C. Gibson is a graduate of New Mexico State University with a Bachelors degree in English. He began plotting the story of Curtis & Dave Are Dead in 2010, seeing it as a series of intricate and sometimes humorous stories involving memorable characters trapped unwittingly in a battle against Evil. Curtis & Dave Are Dead is Gibson's feature writing and directing debut.


Catherine A. Brickner is a graduate of Bowling Green State University, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (BAC). She has extensive financial and marketing expertise, and vast knowledge of the history and locales of Seneca County and its environs.



Writer/Director...............JOHN C. GIBSON

Producers......................JOHN C. GIBSON

.......................CATHERINE A. BRICKNER


Beja Lux.............................SARA MICHAL

Curtis T Cobb.............TIMOTHY FOWLER

Dave Bailey.................STEVEN BARRETT

Man at Bar #1............MICHAEL J. WELTY

Bartender.................GERALD E. PODACH


F. Bar Patron #1.............LORIE A. KRUPP

F. Bar Patron #2...........KYLIE K. PODACH

F. Bar Patron #3.............JEAN BRICKNER

Man at Bar #2..............STEVE REINHART

F. Bar Patron #4.........MEGAN REINHART

F. Bar Patron #5.....DANIELLE REINHART

F. Bar Patron #6....TERESA J. REINHART

F. Bar Patron #7..................DIANA STACY

F. Bar Patron #8...............DAWN FOSTER

F. Bar Patron #9............KANDIE PODACH

M. Bar Patron #2.........SCOTT BRICKNER

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